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jueves, 1 de julio de 2010

Megamix (Helen's Gore Megamix)



1. Any Second Now (Hop To The Beat Mix)
2. Smile In The Crowd (Oriental Mix)
3. World Full Of Nothing (Nothing Remix)
4. Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth (Island Mix)
5. Macro (Island Remix 2)
6. I Cast A Lonesome Shadow (Crazy Speed Version)
7. A Question Of Lust (What DM Build Up, N-I Will Crumble To Dust Mix)
8. Stardust (N-I Mix)
9. In A Manner Of Speaking (Trendy Mix)
10. Compulsion (Spiral Tribe Mix)
11. In My Time Of Dying (D58 Dance Mix)
12. Das Lied Vom Einsamen Mдdchen (Re-Disco Dance Evolution Remix)
13. Blue Dress (Soft Version)
14. It Doesn't Matter Two (EMP Remix)
15. Sometimes (The Other Side Of Love)
16. The Things You Said (Megamode Remix)
17. Home (Ultra-Vox)