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domingo, 12 de junio de 2011

Depeche Mode - 4 Elements (2011)

Depeche Mode - 4 Elements (2011)

Título: Elementales
Serie: -
Año: 2011
Remezcladores: Varios
Número de canciones: 40
Duración: 241:35

Tracklist (Earth) :
01 It's No Good (Kaiser Mega Boomerang Remix)
02 Route 66 (Saint Ken Reconstruct)
03 Get The Balance Right (Elemental Earth Mix)
04 Tora! Tora! Tora! (Combijn Remix)
05 Policy Of Truth (The djcruMbs Remix)
06 I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead (Jéss Alèkzandr Elementals Mix)
07 DM vs Illmatic - Stripped (HengeDK's 'I Got You Stripped Again')
08 Dressed In Black (Warganization Remix)
09 Enjoy The Silence (Naweed Mix)
10 I Need You (Colorless Sand Full Remix)

Tracklist (Fire) :
01 Photographic (Darkroom Mix)
02 Enjoy The Silence (The djcruMbs Remix)
03 Halo (ATOM Definitive Glow Mix)
04 The Meaning Of Love (Fairly Normal Mix)
05 World In My Eyes (Sightless Mix)
06 Behind The Wheel (The djcruMbs Remix)
07 But Not Tonight (Colorless Winter Shining In The Sky Mix)
08 Personal Jesus (Metamorphosis Mix)
09 Martyr (Dark Dub Mix)
10 Kingdom (Kaiser Rosario Club Edit)

Tracklist (Water) :
01 World In My Eyes (The djcruMbs Remix)
02 Miles Away-The Truth Is (Great Grey Owl Mix)
03 Sister Of Night (Kaiser Night Duet Extended Remix)
04 Dangerous (Lake Tranquility Mix)
05 Lie To Me (D58 Extended Mix)
06 Now This Is Fun (Colorless Winter Remix)
07 Something To Do (Civilian Mix)
08 In Chains (Told You So - Jerry Jay's Fallen Angel Remix)
09 Ice Machine (Colorless Winter The Air We Breathe Remix)
10 By This River (Lazy Summer's Day Remix)

Tracklist (Air) :
01 Ghost (Elektronic Mix)
02 Strangelove (Simultaneous Charm Dub)
03 Enjoy The Silence (DaTa Short Cut Faithless Mix)
04 Fly On The Windscreen (Great Grey Owl Mix)
05 In Chains (MMC Perfect Chains Remix)
06 Something To Do (J3 Mix)
07 Blasphemous Rumours (Jéss Alèkzandr Remix)
08 DM vs Rammstein - Stripped (Jaywalker Remix)
09 Macro (Wave Damage Instrumental Remix)
10 Faith Healer (The Divine Blessing)