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sábado, 19 de febrero de 2011

A Little Tribute... From Fans Of The Universe + Remixes... From Fans Of The Universe

CD1 [A Little Tribute... From Fans Of The Universe]

01. Dreaming of Me (By Casteja)
02. A Question Of Time (By Depechejuan, Elektra & SaraLovesDM)
03. Shake The Disease (By Strange)
04. Photographic (By Oncoming Way)
05. In Your Room (By Tsode)
06. Nothing's Impossible (By Victor M)
07. Something To Do (By Depechejuan, Songs Of Faith & SaraLovesDM)
08. Enjoy The Silence (By Mekanika*)
09. Little 15 (By Oncoming Way)
10. Dangerous (By Erdeck)
11. Stripped (By Victor M)
12. Home (By Tsode)
13. See You (By Casteja & Alan Foxy)
14. Comeback (By Victor M)
15. Puppets (By Dire Destinys Door*)
16. Blasphemous Rumours (By Erdeck)

CD2 [Remixes... From Fans Of The Universe]

01. Newborn [Slow Short Version] (By Orioldm)
02. Black Celebration Oncoming [Chill mix] (By Oncoming Way)
03. The Sun And The Rainfall [Things Must Change Remix] (By Strange)
04. It's Called A Heart [Dub Mix] (By depeche101)
05. Fragile Tension [Strange Obsession Remix] (By OriolDM)
06. Strangelove [Attic Conversions XL Mix] (By Strange)
07. Nodisco [Th3 Gr0w M1x] (By Depechejuan)
08. Freelove [Iceman's Single Mix Reproduced] (By Iceman & Voltaire242)
09. Just Can't Get Enough [Oncoming Remix] (By Oncoming Way)
10. Never Let Me Down Again [30 Years Remix] (By depeche101)
11. Sister Of Night [Sweet Sister Remix] (By OriolDM)


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